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Male Pig Names

  • Ace
  • Fletch
  • Roscoe
  • Wilbur
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Female Pig Names

  • April
  • Chance
  • Maya
  • Sky
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Cute Pig Names

  • Boxer
  • Cookie
  • Gumball
  • Pepper
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Welcome to Pig Named!

      We are the web's first dedicated pig naming resource. Our names are neatly categorized to help you quickly get to the good stuff. Within each category is a wide spectrum of fitting options. We realize that not everybody has the same tastes. While Jill might seek out the short and common female options, Jack might be after something more unique. This is why our collections are mostly made up of ideas suggested by other visitors. We take our visitor input seriously and mold each list around it. Through this approach we help to ensure that everyone finds something they like. Even with the right ideas laid out in front of you, making a decision can be difficult if your technique is off. Finding a name for your new pig doesn't have to be like a chess match. There is a known winning strategy. That is to say that there are a few steps you can follow that will guarantee your success. If you are interested in learning these simple steps, read on.

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Naming Steps

      The first step is to get to know your pig. If you know nothing about your pal, then you are just taking stabs in the dark. While a blind approach may yield some general ideas, you are unlikely to stumble upon the perfect fit. By the time you have left the gate many ideas will have been weeded out based solely on personal preference. Undoubtedly others will start to drop off as your first impression forms. A unique physical characteristic or interesting behavior can make all the difference. The first question that you will need to ask yourself is “What makes this pig different from any other?” Your answer is the key ingredient for step 2.

      The second step is where you brainstorm. At this point, you have some idea of what you would like the name to portray. It is now time to make a list of anything and everything related to your topics of choice. Begin by jotting down all the ideas off the top of your head. Once you have run yourself dry, it is time to resort to alternative sources.

      Poll your friends. Have you ever heard the old proverb ‘two heads are better than one’? Asking someone else is a great way to get exposed to a fresh set of ideas. Be sure to share your perception from step 1 so that your confidant can begin to draw unique ideas from their own personal experiences.

      Enhance your list further by hitting up the web. A thesaurus is a great place to start. Seek out anything that has a relation to your current naming agenda. Synonyms have been known to hit the spot on countless occasions.

      Don’t underestimate the power of entertainment. Take your trait or behavior of focus and turn to a character that has similar facets. What you are looking for could be in a movie, television, a book, or even a song.

      Get acquainted with what other people name their pigs. It is not by coincidence that some options seem to take the cake. Through word of mouth and inheritance titles are often passed on from generation to generation. Within our lists you will find a variety of practical ideas that have been around the block. In fact the majority of our names come straight from other visitors.

      The final step is to have fun. Naming your pig is not a chore but something fun that you should enjoy. Putting too much pressure on the process can make you have difficulties coming up with anything. Instead, relax, have some fun, and let the ideas start rolling in. Do you have any other animals or pets? If so you might consider complimentary or opposite names depending on your situation. Having a common theme is a good way to go when dealing with multiple animals.

      If the name you select is not on our list, please use suggest feature so that we may add it for our future visitors. Remember, the most important part of the process is that you have a good time. Good luck finding your match!

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