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      If you are having trouble coming up with a name, don’t sweat it (your pig certainly won’t). There is no need to wallow in the mud. Our male collection is designed to alleviate your strain. Primarily fueled by visitor input, our list provides an array of ideas coming from various backgrounds. This kind of practical input ensures that you get top notch names without any hogwash. This page started as a small assortment of options loosely based on famous, record holding, and fictional pigs.

      When it comes to record holders, few match the level of cliché found among the big pigs. One of the largest on record is Big Bill (a Poland-China hog from Minnesota) weighing in at 2,552lbs. Looking for something more modest, how about the almost mythical 800lb hybrid Hogzilla? With many other ideas including Portly, Goliath, and Hulk, you are sure to find a match for your corn-fed friend.

      For those that claim size doesn’t matter, how about value? Glacier (a duroc boar) was sold for $42,500 in Wichita, Kansas….back in 1979. Add on the inflation and that is quite a hefty price tag today. A purchase like that better drive you to work and put a roof over your head. Set the bar high for your hog with a name like Cash, Gold, or Silver.

      If you don’t want your hog to sell his body for money, perhaps fame is the best route to riches. In order to make it in the big leagues, your boy will need a media of choice. Pigs are no strangers to television. On the real side of the fence you have Arnold Ziffle (‘Green Acres’), Gordy, Babe, and Wilbur (‘Charlotte’s Web’). The fictional world is home to animated characters like Hamm (‘Toy Story’), Pumbaa (‘The Lion King’), Piglet (‘Winnie the Pooh’), and Porky (‘Looney Tunes’). Choose one of the classics or roll your own and hope for a winner.

      In order to keep up with the trends, we are constantly updating our list to better ensure your naming victory. If you have pig-worthy ideas that are missing from our collection, don’t hog them. Use our suggest feature so that we can provide a better resource for future visitors.

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