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      When choosing a name for a girl piglet, you have a variety of options. Several of the more common ideas are borrowed from people. You might be surprised to find that many of your friends, neighbors, and family members share their identity with a pig. While it might be in your best interest to avoid the name of a close acquaintance, there are plenty of other people that would be happy to unknowingly lend theirs.

      Perhaps the most famous and definitely the most glamorous of female pigs is Miss Piggy of Jim Henson’s ‘The Muppets’. If ‘Miss Piggy’ doesn’t fit your gilt, there are plenty of other glamour filled ideas from the 1950’s. Audrey, Veronica, Marilyn, and Vivien are a few suggestions that are certain to make Kermit a polygamy advocate.

      Another well known character and popular choice is Petunia from ‘Looney Tunes’. While Petunia isn’t busy being Porky’s similar-looking love interest, she spends most of her time in the flower bed. Other trendy names that have floral roots include Rose, Daisy, and Violet.

      A good idea when naming a group is to use a themed approach. For example, if you have a couple of girls you could use Daphne and Velma for a Scooby Doo theme. Need more than two? Why not borrow names from a favorite television series, movie, or even commercial? Nina, Calli, Leelee, Raquel, Capri, Amie, Mimi, Sophia, Summer, Melody, Isabela, and Brittany are all names borrowed from the Fantanas (spokesmodels for Fanta beverages).

      The most fun ideas are a mixture of personal preference, appearance, and meaning. The names below should help get the wheels turning. The rest is on you. Keep in mind that a sow can give birth to around ten pigs per litter twice a year, so you may want to bookmark us!

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